Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Red Lipsticks for Black Women

Hi Glamour Girls! Every woman needs a red lipstick! A red lipstick can brighten up a dull outfit or routine makeup... In this photo Rhianna is wearing Mac's Ruby Woo which is a matte red with an orangy undertone. This red looks good on everyone, black, white, asian, hispanic. The girl to Rhianna's left is wearing Mac's Russian Red a matte lipstick with a blueish undertone. This one also looks good on everyone, no matter what your skin tone is. Go to your nearest Mac counter and try them on. Red is making a huge comeback for Spring. Remember Red turns heads!


  1. Mac is so expensive assed in the Caribbean, what is the cost of one of these lip sticks? about 60 or more dollars! Anyway I like the red with the blue undertone best

  2. Wow, I didnt know that! They are $15.00 here in the USA.