Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Amazing Lash Studio Review

Hi Glam Goddesses! I recently jumped on the eyelash extension bandwagon and decided to use Amazing Lash Studio as my lash go to spot.I switched from my cheapie beauty supply lashes because their too time consuming. With lash extensions your full set application is done once and you follow up with lash refills every two to three weeks.

Amazing Lash Studio has four different eye lash types:

Natural- Your lashes just longer fuller but natural looking
Gorgeous- Red Carpet Ready lashes; longer fuller lashes all over
Cute- Lashes for ladies with smaller eyes to accentuate shape of the eyes
Sexy- Longer lashes in the outer corner of your eyes

I decided to get the natural lashes, which I researched before I went to the appointment.
I arrived to the lash studio the suggested 10 minutes early because I was a new client; to fill out paperwork. Then I was greeted by lash stylist Camila.

The application was painless. There was a lot of tape used on my eye; however it wasn't uncomfortable. Each eye took about 30 minutes to apply lashes.

The End Result

I love my lashes they look very natural!
My full set application was priced at $100.00 only because I used a master lash stylist.

If you choose to not use a master eyelash stylist your full set of lashes will be priced at $79.99.
Because I am happy with my lash extensions I decided to start a membership with Amazing Lash Studio for $45.99 a month that covers my refill for any lashes. Next time I'm definitely going to try the Gorgeous lashes for a more dramatic effect though. Overall I recommend The Amazing Lash Studio. They are very professional and much less expensive then other lash studios in Houston.
I went to the Westheimer and Gessner location; if your there request Camila as your lash stylist she's great!

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