Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Luv Muse Plaque Name Plate Review

 I was instantly attracted to the name plate trend that recently became popular again, after seeing some of the hottest celebrities and Instagram celebrities rocking them. So I eventually caved and purchased the necklace at the retail price of $110.00. Initially I was apprehensive about paying $110.00 for what I thought was an expensive costume jewelry necklace. However I soon realized it was worth every penny. On the Muse Plaques website you can select several different style necklaces ranging from old English style, Arabic style, cursive style, minimize laser cut style, laser cut muse plaque, engraved muse plaque, and block lettering style which I selected in all lower case letters. Shipping is listed at 14 days for processing however I received my order in 4 weeks. Which is the only downside to ordering from muse plaques. However if you are patient you won't be disappointed. I received my package which was sealed in a silver envelope. Inside was my new beautiful name plate,necklace and a professional note card from The owner Lidia Muse. This note card provided information for caring for your new name plate and services provided by Muse Plaques. The note card specifies that the necklace is sterling silver, which is much better quality than expected. Muse Plaques offers to fix your chain within 7 days of receiving in the event it breaks or is damaged upon receiving.  She also offers to re-dip necklace free for 1 year for all customers with the customer being responsible for only shipping and handling. After one year the re-dip fee is $19.99. Which is a very reasonable fee. I must say that I am very pleased with Muse Plates services. My necklace is gorgeous. I can't wait to order another one. The website is museplaques.com. I've posted pictures of my necklace and its arrival packaging for your viewing...

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